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Hi I'm

I Defeated Schizoaffective Disorder

For ten long years, I had two choices.

One, I could skip my meds and feel like a strung-out crazy weirdo, or…
Two, I could take my meds and have self-induced terrible depression and anxiety.

One, I could skip my medicine.

This would result in me spending my day and night manic (out of control, racing thoughts). First, I would feel great for, oh, about an hour. Then, after this initial feel-good time, I would start to not be able to think straight. My mind would think faster than I could control it. Eventually, anger and irritability would set in, and the great high feeling would become a distant memory, as my mind went from subject to subject solving the world’s problems in head. Sleep was not possible for me when I decided to walk through this door. I would get nothing done, and I would be awake and up all night. My wife and kids would be afraid of me in this condition, and, for ten years, I only chose this option a few times, less than a half dozen.

Two, I could take my medicine as prescribed by my doctor.

This resulted in massive depression and anxiety. It was a terrible feeling, but it was better than not taking my medicine, but not much. I felt like poop, smelly poop at that, but hey, at least my wife and kids were not afraid. On occasion, I may have felt like killing myself, and I was afraid of my own shadow, but at least I wasn’t manic…

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention the meds gave me some great side benefits:

  • Impaired vision – never needed glasses before this
  • Weight gain and puffiness
  • Loss of libido
  • Still really couldn’t sleep well, but did a little
  • And who knows what they were doing to my liver and kidneys, not to mention my gut and brain chemistry…

I wanted my mind back.

I wanted to feel good again. Even just one day of my ‘old self’ would have been great. But I had no power, knowledge, or means to get even close.

Looking for relief, gave me great ideas…

I tried smoking cigars; I tried alcohol; I tried to see different doctors.

Hmm. These worked about as good as a square wheel. Worse, I would develop an addiction to nicotine.

Not to mention, all these great ideas took their toll on my health… I felt old, very old.


I was a faithful attender of church although I had great difficulty sitting and participating. I prayed to God for help. His answer came in a way I did not expect, as His help so often does.

A friend at my church was going through a difficult time with depression. I don’t know how she came to discover the path she took, but I was to become very thankful for her discovery. She told my wife she had found great help by going to a clinic where a group of special doctors that practiced the “healing arts.”

My wife told me we should go. I am not sure why I even agreed to try because I was about as big a skeptic as one could imagine.

Actually, at first I was excited to see some specialists, but when I heard that they practiced what I later learned was called orthomolecular medicine, which I heard had something to do with vitamins and diet, I had my doubts.

Vitamins and diet, no way this sort of thing could help. Who ever heard of this really helping?

I was a very typical, closed minded, know-it-all, usual American when it came to medicine. Western medicine had all the answers and if my doctors didn’t know it, it probably wasn’t worth knowing…

I was your standard brain-washed butthead!

I’ll tell you how bad I was. I didn’t even believe the new plan for me was able to help, even after it was really helping. I thought there must be other reasons…

Then I began to read…

I know, this is not typical, even for most atypical stories, but it is what happened to me. I read books and learned about others who had recovered. I learned the new things I was trying were the exact things that helped them. This was the real turning point for me. I continued to read and would later read even more.

Orthomolecular medicine is very real and effective.

Correcting nutrient deficiencies really does help the body and mind to heal. Nutrient deficiencies are not what I had been taught, and sometimes mega doses of certain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are very good and necessary.

It has been another ten plus years or so on recovery road. Though I noticed the most immediate gains during the first year on the new program, I continue to learn more every day and to make strides toward better health.

My meds have been reduced to very, very low doses.

I have dropped about 50 pounds without trying to lose weight (this happened in the first year).

I only drink alcohol on occasion, maybe one or two drinks a week.

Best of all, my mind is back. I have been able to work, read, laugh (real laughing, not the fake smile I had put on while feeling ill), and generally feel like I have a life again.

Wow, I can’t even begin to describe the change! My health, body and mind, have been altered dramatically. The change has been so dramatic that I feel compelled to share with you how you may be able to get the same results as me.

Although everyone is different, and your story is unique to you, because the results have been so fundamental and radical for me, and many others suffering from similar illnesses, I feel compelled to tell you more about it.

Who knows, if you try what I have learned, it may also change your life for the good too. You may even be able to defeat your own mental health issues. You may be able to feel whole again. You may be able to live your life to the fullest again.

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