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Intro to Functional Medicine

Author: Robert

“Functional Medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.” – [Institute for Functional Medicine].

Basically, think of 5 different people with the same symptoms: for example, 5 individuals with depression or 5 individuals with schizophrenia. Each individual could have a different root cause for their depression or schizophrenia. One could have a toxic overload, another could have a leaky gut, another could have a lot of genes predisposed to the illness and an unaddressed infection is the cause, etc.

Conversely, you could have 5 people with leaky gut and each could have very different symptoms. One could have depression, another could have thyroid problems, another could have memory issues, another arthritis, etc.

The idea, then is not to treat the symptom alone, but, rather, get to the root cause and correct the problem at this level.

Whack a Mole

Ever Play Whack a Mole?

It’s likely your doctor has!

The game Whack a Mole is played with a mallet and machine that keeps a Mole popping up in a board with many holes. If the Mole shows its head, the player gives it a whack with the mallet. The Mole goes down in his hole, but then pops up somewhere else where the user whacks him again. The goal of the game is to whack the Mole as many times as you can.

Problem is, the Mole never dies.

Modern Western Medicine is a Lot Like Whack a Mole!

You see the family doctor for a given symptom; he treats the symptom in his given 15 minutes. Perhaps you had a headache; here take this pill.

Next, you have another symptom; he treats that different symptom with a different pill. Perhaps this time you had seasonal allergies; have a different pill.

Next, you have arthritis pain; another different pill (after a short 15-minute investigation).

The Mole pops up again, this time you have thyroid issues. Whack, here, have some thyroid medication.

The Mole pops up again… kidney issues? …heart disease? etc.? Whack, Whack, Whack!!!

Even if you get sent to a specialist, (perhaps especially if you get sent to a specialist), all he does is whack the Mole with a slightly different color wallet – Tag Team Whack a Mole.

Wouldn’t it be better to kill the Mole?

Maybe the root cause, the Mole, should be addressed. Suppose you have leaky gut and need to fix the way your gut digests and uses nutrients from your food. Leaky gut could cause all of the symptoms mentioned above and many more.

Just saying.

Functional Medicine Specializes in Finding and Exterminating the Mole – the Root Cause.

Functional Medicine is perhaps the most effective when a practitioner knows about and is able to combine it with Orthomolecular Medical methods and approaches.

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