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Many of these links have much to do with fighting a virus using orthomolecular means in a general sense. This is the type of protocol we have found very helpful for mind wellness. We also share some links about a promising drug intervention below. We share this information to give you Hope and empowerment in a time of uncertainty. It is our earnest desire for your health and wellbeing in these days. Having a sense of empowerment can often have a positive impact on anxiety and mind wellness as well, though that is not our primary aim here today. Our primary aim is to give you information that may help you fight this virus. 

What Some are Saying for Treatment Protocols

What is “REAL” whole wheat bread?         

If you can find and take a few cups of whole wheat grain from a natural stalk of wheat plant that has not been cross pollinated to any extent, allowed to live on the plant until ripe, not sprayed with chemicals, not planted in soil artificially fertilized, has been planted in ground that has been rotated or rested, planted in ground that has been fed good natural organic material, etc. Then, you take that grain in its whole form (apart from the stalk, but still whole), grind it whole, mix it with a little natural sea salt, perhaps a little

Welcome to the Focus On The Mind Blog

Our mission is to provide scientific, biblically based education and empowerment that give HOPE to everyone in need of recovery from mental illness, primarily through natural means.

Hi, Rob and Mary here.

We are two people, but Rob will usually be the primary voice in this series. Mary acts as fact checker, adviser, editor, and voice of quality control. Four eyes and better than two. And in our case, since we both wear glasses, eight eyes are better than four!  


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