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Our mission is to provide scientifically and biblically based education that gives empowerment and HOPE to everyone in need of recovery from mental illness. This is accomplished primarily through maximum use of natural means.

Hi, Rob and Mary here.

First, let us introduce some of our motivation…


“So, if the Son shall set you free, you shall be free indeed.” (John 8:36, ESV).

In the above passage from the Bible, the word ‘Son’ refers to Jesus Christ. The freedom the passage is talking about is freedom from the eternal consequences of sin. Sin is doing anything wrong in the sight of God’s perfect standard of loving Him and loving our neighbor as ourselves. Have you ever done anything wrong at all? You have sinned against God and/or neighbor.

Jesus, being fully God, came to earth and lived a perfect life, having become fully man and born of a woman. Jesus was fully God and fully man at the same time. He was capable of living, breathing, working, dying, and everything else a human does. Eventually, He did die. He died a death on the cross that He did not deserve as a substitute for our guilty sentence. Jesus rose from the dead as a sign of His power over the sentence of death and will bring all who trust in Him to a new life free from eternal consequences we would otherwise justly deserve.

The passage also speaks about living free from the power of all sorts of sin and evil. Jesus removes the eternal consequences of sin through believing in Him and in His death and His resurrection. He also gives us grace to begin to be more like Him in terms of living right and good. The truth conveyed in the passage has more than just eternal consequences. The truth is, if you are set free by the Son in any area of life, you are free indeed. Somewhat like the freedom from the eternal consequences of sin, you can also be set free by the Son in any area of life. If the Son helps you overcome a sin, heals you of an illness, or delivers you from a poor relationship or anything that may be in control of your life, you will have freedom in that area. 

Anything the Son says in our life will come to pass. That is why we trust Him.

We hope you come to trust in Him too.

No one, except Christ Himself, and we mean no one, has ever had complete freedom in life in this present age. We are set free 100% from the eternal consequences of sin by trusting in Christ, but until we go to meet Him, we all struggle with many things now. He gives us growing freedom in this life as we walk through this journey, trusting in Him along the way. Though, eventually, we will all die as mortals, we will live forever with Him in heaven, and eventually in the new earth He will recreate. Meanwhile, we can trust Him and with faith be set free from sin and, if He wills, sometimes we can be free from an illness as well.

What This Means for Us and to You

One area in which we have struggled with bondage is in the area of mental illness. With Rob, this has taken the form of schizophrenia. He has not had a life of complete freedom from this mental illness, but we thank God that Rob has more freedom now in this area of life than he once did. We are also thankful for the way it happened. Even though it has been a struggle, we have both learned along the way, and now, to some extent, we are able help others with what we have learned.

We know, you may be thinking, “You’re thankful??? You must both be crazy!!!”

Truth is, we don’t always reflect a peaceful, thankful spirit. (Say it isn’t so - 😊). But when we sit back and think about it, we know everything happens for a reason. God’s arm is not short that he could not reach down with a miracle, but He chose to let us go through struggles in the situations we encountered that could possibly benefit you and others. Some of what we have learned, we HOPE to pass along.

We will talk about nutrients, diet, allergic sensitivities, detox, and such that can help to balance biochemistry and improve mental health.

God does not want us to ignore this physical world, rather He calls us to learn and grow and discover while we trust Him along the way.

Our HOPE for you is that you will continue to learn and grow with us.


A quick note about us individually…


Robert has struggled with schizoaffective disorder. For ten years, he pursued conventional medical approaches which left him lacking in results, to say the least. Now he pursues a better approach. Read more of his story here.


Mary is a co-learner with Rob and Rob’s Advocate.

After talking with a friend who had experienced healing from depression, Mary encouraged her husband, Rob, to see the same doctors. Mary and Rob discovered that these doctors treated their patients with orthomolecular medical approaches. Mary began to read and study books to understand this new approach. As Rob began to show improvements from his mind ailments, Mary continued to study and grow in her new knowledge. She is currently a student at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) where she is enrolled in a Masters of Clinical Nutrition program. Mary hopes to continue to learn and help spread the word about a better approach to mental health and wellness.

Both of us

We both love to learn and discover. To this end, we have read and continue to read many really good books and study all subjects related to mental health recovery, primarily through natural means. In addition to living through it, we have studied for many years and continue to learn and grow.

We hope to pass along some of this knowledge to you so can learn and grow with us.

To Your Recovery!

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